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How we treat Back Pain

Typically, when we treat an individual that is suffering from back pain caused by movement or over exerted structures, the first thing we do is an analysis of the overall movement – namely walking. This helps us to identify which particular muscles are likely to be causing the issues and then we can individually test these muscle groups to confirm whether they are under or overactive. The exercise remedy that we then choose for you is based on these outcomes and tailored specifically towards remedying this dysfunction.

With regards to preventing back pain, the best prevention is movement! The more your back moves, in a normal way - as opposed to being stuck in a chair at a desk all day, the more its muscle groups will be activated. A good thing to keep in mind is that natural movement equates to a normal back! Find yourself an activity you enjoy and keep moving.

We'd love to assist you with any of your physiotherapy needs. If you would like to get rid of back pain or would like advice on how to prevent it, our Physiotherapists in Cape Town, will be able to put together a treatment plan that will provide you with long term benefits rather than a quick fix.

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