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What Is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is aimed at assessing, treating, rehabilitating and preventing human movement disorders.

Using a comprehensive combination of skilled evaluation and treatment techniques, Physiotherapists manage pain and/or injuries to the muscular, skeletal and neural components of the body.

The most important area of focus for physiotherapy is pain affecting muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and nerves.

Treatment is aimed at restoring the highest level of function by reducing the pain and/or stiffness, and by educating the patient on his/her condition. Treatment techniques used may include skilled hands on therapy, dry needling, specialised electrotherapy equipment, strapping, individualised exercise programmes, and very importantly, patient education.

Physiotherapists are first line practioners which means that you don’t need a referral to make an appointment.

We'd love to assist you with any of your physiotherapy needs. We are Physiotherapists in Cape Town, contact us today for if you would like to enquire or make an appointment.

Conditions Treated

Sports Injuries

  • Ankle & Foot – Sprains, tendinitis, ligament tears, achilles tendon
  • Knee – Runner’s knee, jumper’s knee, ITB, meniscus & ligament injuries
  • Lower limb – Shin splints
  • Hip – Labrum injuries, piriformis syndrome, bursitis
  • Shoulder – Rotator cuff injuries, impingement, tears, tendinitis, calcification, frozen shoulder, SLAP lesions, repetitive strain injuries
  • Elbow – Tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, olecranon bursitis
  • Wrist & Hand – De Quervain’s tenosynovitis, carpal tunnel syndrome

General conditions treated

  • Neck pain & stiffness treatment
  • Headache treatment
  • TMJ
  • Back pain treatment
  • Sciatica treatment
  • Muscle spasm treatment
  • Repetitive strain injuries

Our Services Include

  1. Sport specific physiotherapy & rehabilitation
  2. Pre - & post operative rehabilitation
  3. General physiotherapy
  4. Myofascial & scar tissue release
  5. Pilates (click here for more info)