Running Injury Treatment Cape Town

Treating and preventing running inuries

Over 50% of all runners get injured each year. The main reason for this in most cases is that the training load exceeds the body’s capacity. Most commonly, we find that runners have exerted too much on their body’s in a short space of time. Here are some of those:

Distance – increasing the amount run per week in a short amount of time, namely when following an online advice, or the latest training apps. These are generally “one size fits all” approaches so in many cases is not appropriate for everyone.

Speed – If you increase the speed of your runs this increases intensity of the strain put on your body so bear that in mind when planning your training.

Running Shoes – If you change from one type of shoe to another e.g. lightweight to stability shoes this can be a bit much for your body to cope with. A better approach is to phase a new pair of running shoes in so that you don’t shock the body.

Terrain – be careful if you always run on a flat surface and suddenly switch over to another surface or hills, this can put increased pressure on your joints. The key to preventing running injuries is to become stronger and more stable. Several marathon plans add a strength session but many do not. Strength training it is the main way to increase your body’s capacity to cope with all the running. A very valuable tool for a runners is a foam roller. You can use it to massage tight spots in your legs but also the upper back!

If you find that you have a pain that has become consistent with your training get it checked as early as possible and make sure it’s by someone who specialises in running injuries. If you require a physiotherapist in cape town, or are experiencing any running injuries and require treatment, contact us today! We will be able to guide you through recovery and build a tailored strengthening programme to get you back to running again.